01 May 2011

Sunday Salon: Catching Up on Reviews

Although this blog is just a hobby, I still feel guilty if I fall behind on posting. Usually I fall behind because I've been watching TV instead of reading. In this case, I've been moving from one book to the next without blogging about them. I read three books without taking a single note. Last night I dreamed about writing book reviews, so I knew I had better sit down and do the posts for these three books.

Why did I do this? Well, I was afraid if I turned on the computer to blog, I would get distracted and not get back to reading. Another thing that happens is that I get so caught up in getting my facts right (like date of publication) that I start looking them up and then my review ends up feeling disjointed. I know that successful writers say to avoid editing until after you finish writing the first draft, but it is difficult to avoid fact-checking when I'm typing my blog post right in the browser. The other day I was even considering writing my reviews in longhand first so I could keep the computer turned off.

Do you ever feel that technology makes it more difficult to write? What distracts you the most from updating your blog?


Reading Has Purpose said...

Sometimes, writing a blog post feel like work. And on those days, I just skip it! Blogging is a hobby for me to, and if I feel like its becoming a job then its time to take a break.

I do feel guilty when I fall behind on posts. I'm aiming to do at least one a month. But one of my friends gave me this helpful hint 'If you're not posting, any reasonable person would assume you're living your life and give you a pass.'

Dani in NC said...

Part of the fun of blogging for me is when people comment. If you don't write regularly, people give up on you. Of course, your tip about going out and living your life is the same thing I tell other bloggers when they apologize for not posting enough :-). You gotta live to have something to write about. I'm trying to find that balance because I often find myself thinking, "That was cool. I should blog about that" but then I never get around to it.