02 May 2011

"How to Knit a Heart Back Home" by Rachael Herron

How to Knit a Heart Back Home (Cypress Hollow Yarn, #2)How to Knit a Heart Back Home by Rachael Herron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Genre: romance, novel+
On the TBR list?: yes, since Mar 2011

Book 2 of an ongoing series, Cypress Hollow Yarn

Summary, from Goodreads:

Lucy Harrison sells books by day and volunteers with the Cypress Hollow fire department by night. Her life is just the way she likes it—full, even-keeled, and smooth—until bad-boy ex-cop Owen Bancroft comes back to town. Lucy has always been fearless, never scared about diving in to help others. When it comes to risking her heart, however, she realizes she's absolutely terrified.

How to Knit a Heart Back Home has a different feel than Rachael Herron's first book in the series, How to Knit a Love Song. While the vibe of that book was more isolated and focused mainly on the hero and heroine, in this new book the presence of the entire town of Cypress Hollow is more strongly felt. Herron moves the action away from the fringes of Cypress Hollow and smack dab into the middle of town with all of its quirky residents. She introduces the readers to more of the townsfolk in a way that suggests we will be meeting them again in future books, although I could be wrong about that. Characters from the the first book did not figure prominently in this book, other than the almost otherworldly presence of the late Eliza Carpenter. She may be the one thing that ties the books together, moreso than any living character.

The heroine, Lucy, is someone that I believe many women could identify with. Lucy is afraid of lots of things and sees herself as timid and weak, but others in her life see the true strength in her. She is also a person who, while not uncaring, tends to get bogged down in her own thoughts and not see what's going on with people around her. I related to her and looked forward to seeing how she resolved her issues.

Who Lucy is going to end up with is a foregone conclusion, but Herron makes the journey to that ending a pleasure trip.

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