21 January 2019

Cocktails in Camelot (Timeless Love Book 1)Cocktails in Camelot by Marianne Mancusi
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Book 1 of 3 in the Timeless Hearts series

Synopsis (written by me): Katherine Jones, who goes by Kat, is an editor for a New York fashion magazine but she is pretty low on the ranking list, so she is sent out to a renaissance fair because medieval styles are supposedly the next fashion trend. She has no desire to be there and is not enjoying herself, so when she gots knocked back to the actual 12th century, she is miserable and tries to find her way back home without altering history too much.

I picked this up on Kindle Unlimited because I was looking for a light time travel romance. Unfortunately, this one was a little too light for even my tastes. It is basically a retelling of Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court but not as much fun. I ended up skimming large chunks of it, only to find that it ends in a cliffhanger, but I am not interested enough in the outcome to wade through the second book.

The first thing to hit me was the pop culture references. There were so many of them that I couldn't help but think that they will make the book feel dated in no time. In fact, a couple of them made me wonder about the age of the author. For instance, the heroine Kat is supposed to be in her 20s but she makes a reference to the old TV show Dance Fever. I am in my 50s and I barely remember that show (which ended in 1987); I can't imagine that my 20-something kids or any of their friends have even heard of it.

Secondly, this is supposed to be a romance but I didn't feel any chemistry between the hero Lancelot and the heroine Kat. When Lancelot gave this big speech about how he is attracted to all the goodness in Kat, I couldn't figure out where he got that from because it didn't show on the page. Kat had spent the entire time up to that point complaining.

Despite the book's faults, I got the feeling that the author has enough skill to write a decent book in a different genre. For instance, all the pop culture references probably wouldn't feel as jarring in a YA book. I did a small amount of research and found that author currently writes middle-grade and YA fantasy under the name Mari Mancusi, which is probably a better fit for her style.

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01 January 2019

Looking back and pushing forward in 2019

According to the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I read 175 books in 2018. Unfortunately, I only reviewed one (!) for this blog. Part of my lack of posting was down to life getting in the way (school, work, etc.) but I also struggle with the form my desire to talk about the books I read should take. What I crave most is interaction with other people about books, but where will that happen? People don't seem to comment on blogs these days, the comment section of YouTube can be a cesspool, and Facebook doesn't seem to be the place for book reviews. What's a bookish gal to do? While I'm trying to figure it all out, I am going to give writing reviews on this blog another shot, starting with the backlog of books I didn't review for 2018. If I get back into making videos, I will post links to those here, as well.

As for what I actually read in 2018, it seemed to be the Year of the Paranormal Romance for me. I discovered shifter romances and rediscovered my love of time travel romances. My time travel obsession doesn't seem to be slowing down; I spent most of today (New Year's Day 2019) reading a time travel romance about Scottish clans in the 1600s. Since these books tend to follow a certain formula, I will probably review each series as a whole rather than each individual book. So watch this space!