10 October 2010

Sunday Salon: TBR List at an All-Time High

TBR LIST STATUS: My TBR list is up to 225 titles. When I saw that total, I was reminded of all the bookish folks who actually have their TBR books in their houses. Yikes! I think my husband would leave me if I owned that many books. Luckily, there is no chance of that because I would probably start hyperventilating before I got to that point!

Between reading and culling, my mini-list of books that have been on the TBR list since 2008 is down to five titles. One of them is a book I own, and two more are in my library stack. The last two books are a poetry anthology and Mere Christianity. I will probably check out the anthology this week, but C.S. Lewis is too heavy for my frame of mind right now. That title will probably stay on the list for a while.

My next goal will be to read or remove any titles that have been on my TBR list since 2009. As my most recent count, there are 70 books still on the list from the ones I added last year. This, of course, doesn't count any on my Goodreads "not at my library" list or my library's Wowbrary list; once I check those, the number may increase. I don't plan to wait until 2011 to start on my goal. I am going to start right in on it as soon as I finish the 2008 books. As a matter of fact, one of the books is in my library stack now.

CURRENT READING MOOD: I can't shake my craving for pioneer novels. Ever since I finished the last Lauraine Snelling novel I had on hand, I wake up each morning looking forward to jumping back into that universe. Then I remember that I finished the book already. When I get like this, it is difficult for me to jump into another book, especially another series. Hopefully, these standalone novels that I have on hand will shake things up.

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Lisa said...

I started to cull ruthlessly and only use my library- still having hundreds of unread books at home. Then I found out we're moving to a much smaller town with a much much smaller library. I'm still culling the older stuff, but will keep quite a few books on hand. In fact, I'm in the process of editing a post listing the TBR books just from my "immediate" TBR- right at 100 fiction books. Will do the non-fiction next week.

My goodreads lists is just everything together, no rhyme or reason, sadly.