19 October 2010

I'm a Book-a-Day Gal -- Who Knew?

Due to some "rob Peter to pay Paul" action, we were without cable TV and internet access for the past week. (We are considering the possibility of getting rid of cable altogether, but that is a story for my other blog.) Combine that with an extraordinary level of fatigue, and I got more reading that usual done last week.

I've always marveled at the people who barrel through 5-10 books a month, but I am well on my way to being one of them this month. While the cable was off, I read an entire book on Monday and then another one on Tuesday. It is unusual for me to read that quickly. More accurately, it is unusual for me to finish a book that quickly now. I must admit that I fell back into old habits last week and read until I could barely keep my eyes open. That was the way I used to read when I had no kids and a good book was worth losing a little sleep. These days sleep is more important than entertainment. Does that mean I'm getting old?

The real trick will be to get myself to post about the books I've been reading. Lately, I feel more motivated to read a book than write about it. However, I know that my interest in blogging waxes and wanes periodically so I'm not overly concerned. It is a good thing that reviewing books isn't my livelihood, though.


readinghaspurpose said...

I definitely have the "don't feel like blogging days". Especially since I just started a demanding new job!

I'm the number one advocate of nixing the idiot box (i.e. television). I went without it for up to 6 months at one point. I gained a whole new perspective on what it means to be content!

Dani in NC said...

We don't intend to get rid of TV altogether; we enjoy it too much! Even though I get a lot of reading done without TV, I still miss my video entertainment. What I will never miss is the cost!

Rebecca Reid said...

I don't watch much tv, although my husband and I sometimes watch netflix tv shows, etc. It really does let me get a lot of reading in! Enjoy your reads!