12 February 2010

Promoting My Local Library's Services

Whenever someone tells me that she uses our local library a lot, I ask, "Do you use the library's online reserve system?" I have yet to have someone answer yes. It amazes me how many regular users of the library don't even know about it. Today one of my coworkers, who is studying fashion design, was wondering how she was going to have time to get some books that she needs for a project. She thought that she would have to spend her whole afternoon tomorrow, roaming around the library and trying to find the appropriate books. Oh, no, my friend! It took me about 15 minutes to pull up her library account, do a little research on what books were available at the library, and reserve four of them for her to pick up on her lunch break. Now she doesn't have to trudge out in the 3" of snow that we are supposed to get tomorrow. Why can't I get paid to do stuff like this?


JoAnn said...

It absolutely astounds me, that people do not know how to use this service. I have been doing my reserving and browsing this way for years (this does not, however, mean that I do not love to wander around the library).

My library system has a wonderful online function that allows patrons to maintain a list of up to 100 books that a patron wants to read (called "my list"). When you look up a book, you click a button to add it to your list. From the list, you click a button to put a book on reserve.

Anonymous said...
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KyleeJ said...

I am constantly using my library's reserve button. I even know my know my library card number by heart, I have to enter it every time I log on. =)