07 February 2010

Sunday Salon: Are My Books Multiplying?

We were doing our Saturday clean-up and discovered that we have two copies of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". This is a weird discovery for a person like me. I rarely buy books so there is no way that I would accidentally buy two copies of the same book. I was such a fan of the Harry Potter series that after the third book, I bought each one on the day of release and read it immediately. There is no way I could forget that I owned them.

What's even stranger is that my copy of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is the Bloomsbury edition that my best friend bought for me when she was honeymooning in England.The extra copy is also a Bloomsbury edition. It is my understanding that you can only get the Bloomsbury covers in England, or at least special order them at a premium. I can tell the difference between my copy and the duplicate because mine has a broken spine. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't notice that there was an extra copy on the bookshelf. She pick up the duplicate and wrote her name in it because she was taking it to school. Now I have somebody else's copy that they paid good money for with my kid's name in it :-(.

FINISHED: Well, I'm done with my detour into Charlaine Harris' bibliography, at least for the moment. I've read everything in the Sookie Stackhouse series thus far, and the next book won't be published until May. I haven't written any reviews because I have trouble reviewing books in a series. Whenever I've attempted in the past, I felt I couldn't do it without giving away elements of the plot. From now on, I will probably just review the first book in a series and then write about the series as a whole when I finish it.

UP NEXT: I have a mountain of library books by my bedside, but I'm still trying to shake off the vampire haze in my brain so none of them look appealing right now. Most likely I will go with something non-fiction like "Knitting America" because I don't think I could get caught up in another narrative right now.


Bella said...

I like this. I think my books are multiplying too!

I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and can't wait for the next book :)

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I do believe that books are reproducing oraganisms; it's the ONLY way I can explain why my TBR pile is not getting smaller! ;-)