16 February 2010

Discovering Features on My Library's Website

In my last post I mentioned that I am a frequent user of Gaston-Lincoln Regional Library's website, and a comment from JoAnn reminded me that there is one feature I haven't been using: the ability to make a list of books I want to check out later. There are two reasons I haven't used this feature. First, there is this warning message that pops up letting you know that if I create a list, law enforcement agencies will be able to access a history of my library activity. I don't know why that bothered me, but it put me off for quite a while. Second, I have an account on Goodreads where I keep my TBR list and I'm pretty happy with that system. However, I don't like adding books that I want to check out for the kids to my personal reading list, so I thought I would give the library's list feature a try.

The list feature is pretty easy to use, but not as robust as I would like. All I have to do is log in with my library card number, look up a book, and click a link that says Add to My List. Simple, right? However, it only transfers books to a working list. Then I have to go into the working list and move each book to my permanent list individually. Another function I would like to see added is the ability to click on the link for the book from the list and check its availability or put it on reserve. The list can be printed, which would be great if I was going to the library to look for the books, but active links would be great for patrons like me who do most of their browsing online and only go to the library to pick up reserves.

I know it sounds like I'm not a fan of GLRL's list feature, but I'm sure that I could find some uses for it. For instance, I often recommend books to other people in my local area. Just the other day, I told my best friend about some books I've been reading and she said that I should write those titles down for her later when I'm not in the car. Making a list on the library's website and emailing it to her would be useful because, like me, I know that she would only read the ones that are available at the library. I could also make a list and hand it to my daughter so she could go over it with her English teacher and decide what books she will be reading this semester.

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JoAnn said...

My library's LIST feature allows me to move a book directly to RESERVE, so I guess mine is not a "working list" as you called yours.

I am not the least bit concerned about anyone seeing my list. And my library has no such disclaimer.

I also keep a list on GoodReads, but find the library list more usable as far as actually getting the books.

Years ago, long before the internet, I used to read a lot of true-crime books and used to joke that if my husband or someone I did not like died under suspicious circumstances and the police looked at my library records, I would be under suspicion! LOL

I think I physically use the library a lot more than you do (it is so gorgeous and I just love BEING there)....and I like being able to pull up MY LIST on a library computer if I decide I want something other than what I came to pick up.