08 February 2009

Sunday Salon: Followup on last week's

Last week, I mentioned several ideas about giving my 2009 reading and blogging some direction. I'm not very good with goals, but I keeping trying! Here are a few more thoughts on the subject.

1. I opened the 1001 Books spreadsheet and found that I've only read 22 of the books! That means that I would have to read about 25 books a year until I die to finish the list. Between the books that aren't available at my library and the books that don't appeal to me, I figure that I can chop the list in half. An acquaintance of mine is also pulling books from the list so maybe I will be more motivated if I have someone with whom I can discuss the books.

2. As of today, I have 112 books on my Goodread TBR list. It was less than that at the beginning of 2009, but I keep adding more books. I use my TBR list to keep track of any books I hear about on TV or radio, so I will probably keep adding books. I just want to see if I can have it below 112 books by the end of the year.


jlshall said...

My TBR list keeps growing at an alarming rate, too. I've got just over 200 "to-read" titles listed on Good Reads, but that's not really the whole list. Too many books, too little time, I guess.

Dani in NC said...

I feel that I could cut my list down quickly if I would stop reading books that aren't even on the list! Since I use my list as a holding place for ANY book I hear about that sounds remotely interesting, I have a feeling that many of the books will be ditched after 25-50 pages (my limit for giving a book a chance). I can't eliminate them if I don't pick them up, though :-).

Kerrie said...

I try not to get too organised, so I have some flexibility, but that doesn't work all that well either. I don't think I could tackle the 1001 list.