14 December 2008

Sunday Salon: Like Minds?

This hasn't exactly been a super-busy week, but it has been a tiring one. This was my first week on my new job after being unemployed for almost two years. Walking back into the working world has been both a mental and physical adjustment that wore me out. Add in the fact that it is the holiday season and we are just starting to make preparations, and you can probably guess that I didn't do much reading! It looks like the weekends are going to be my reading time for a while.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that two of my new coworkers listen to audiobooks. We do data entry work that involves little thought, so practically everyone is listening to something. One of them was listening to The Maltese Falcon last week. Not many of the people in my life are readers, so I like the possibility of having other people with whom to discuss books. Reading book blogs is fun, but it isn't the same as sharing books in person.

CURRENTLY READING: The Uncommon Reader. I can't remember which blog recommended this book, but I'm enjoying it. The writing style reminds me of books from the 1940s. I enjoy a chick lit book with a hip and humorous tone every now and then, but the style of this book touches me in a different way. It is slightly formal and light on dialogue, yet it never feels dense. I especially appreciate the theme of a woman discovering a love of books late in life. It reminds me of what I am doing right now. I mean, I loved books as a kid but now it's like I discovering them all over again.

NEXT BOOK?: Probably The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror. It is the Christmas season, after all. I'm sure a story about Santa being turned into a zombie wouldn't be quite the same if I read it at another time of year :-).

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JM said...

Getting back to work this season is bound to drain you. :) At least you can discuss books with your coworkers! How fun. :)

JM @ TheBookStacks.com