08 December 2008

Musing Mondays: Chain Reader?

Here is this week's Musing Monday prompt from Just One More Page:

How long do you wait after finishing a book before you pick/start another one? How many books do you have planned ahead or do you pick up random books from your tbr pile (if you have one)? Do you review right away or keep reading and come back to it later?

1. The amount of time I wait between books mostly depends on how many books I have available. I get all of my reading material from the library, so there is sometimes a gap of a few days if I finish all my books before the Monday library pick-up.

My mood is a factor, as well. I read a book recently that was good but it had unsavory characters that I wanted to get out of my head so I started another book as soon as I could. If I'm reading a series, I want to read one book right after another. Sometimes I find characters that I like so much I want to stick with them, like when I finish off a series or can't get the next book in the series. In that case, I put off reading another book.

2. There isn't much planning that goes into what I read next. I have a TBR list on Goodreads, but I am at the mercy of the library as to what is available. Beyond that, I tend to let my whims carry me. That's probably why I'm not doing so well with my first reading challenge. Even though I picked the books on my list, I'd rather read something else.

3. I try to write my reviews right after reading the book. If I wait even a couple days, the specifics fade from my mind and all I can remember is if I liked it or not.

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Olga said...

I find #3 rings true for me as well. If I don't review it within a few days, I start to lose details-especially if it's a library book and I've already returned it, so I can't go back and page through it!