04 January 2017

Where do I take this blog now?

So I've developed a renewed interest in writing book reviews and have decided to revive this blog. Now, what?

I was proud of myself when I made this decision, but now I feel aimless. What books should I review? Should I join a reading challenge? Should I sign up for something like NetGalley and request advanced reader's copies? Maybe I should reach way back to the start of this blog and read more titles from "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"? It is tough being a person who craves structure yet bucks against it once she gets it.

Perhaps I will look through my reading lists and see if that gives me some direction. My main to-be-read list is on Goodreads and currently stands at 457 titles. This does not count my minor lists on other sites, such as my wish lists on NC Digital Library, One Click Digital, Freading, and Open Library. I also have about 50 books on my iPad. Most of the titles on these lists have been there for years; I don't want to delete them but when it comes time to read something I keep passing over them. Maybe 2017 will be the year that I clear out these lists and give myself the freedom to make fresh lists that better reflect my current interests.              

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