12 February 2014

"Rain Shadow" by Cheryl St. John

Rain Shadow (Dutch Country Brides Book 2)Rain Shadow by Cheryl St.John
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Rain Shadow is a white woman who was raised by the Lakota Sioux after her parents were killed. She is also a single mother traveling with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show when their train gets derailed and her son is injured. This forces her to stay with Anton, a widower with a son. Everyone around them sees that they should be together, but will they figure it out?

This is not a full review, but rather a few thoughts:

--This story is the second in a series, but I don't feel that I missed anything by not reading the first book.

--One of the main plot lines was the heroine looking for her family, and I felt that it was wrapped in an unsatisfactory manner with a few lines at the end of the book.

--There was one of those minor obstacles between the hero and heroine that make a reader say, "Really? That is keeping them apart?". Luckily, there were also more major and believable obstacles that are the main focus of the plot so the minor one isn't too annoying.

--The name of the series, Dutch Country Brides, made me think it was what I would call a sweet or clean romance. However, it was more of a hot romance; not as hot as full-on erotica, but it might make a reader of Christian romances blush.

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