18 November 2012

Sunday Salon: E-reader hijacked by daughter!

When my daughter C2's tablet stopped working recently, I offered to share my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with her while we figured out whether we were going to buy another one. I'm not using mine that much now that I'm at home every day, and I figured that she didn't use her old tablet much, either. Boy, was I wrong! It turns out that her tablet was her preferred device for reading manga. C2 is my reluctant reader so I don't want to discourage any form of reading. However, the Galaxy Tab (which we call Sammie) was also my preferred device for reading novels in bed because the light on it doesn't keep my husband awake. Now we have to decide who gets custody of Sammie! I'm kidding myself; C2 will get full-time custody of Sammie, at least for the time being. I have two devices, my husband has four, and the two other kids at home each have an iPod Touch. C2 doesn't have anything, so I'll let her have Sammie for a while. Anything to encourage reading!

2012 READING CHALLENGE: I thought my Goodreads reading goal was well within reach, but I discovered a flaw in my tracking. Apparently, the Goodreads widget uses the "date finished" to determine how many books I've read for the year. Not knowing this, I was entering the date finished on my abandoned books, too, so these books are counting toward my goal. Another thing I do is track the cookbooks and craft books I've borrowed from the library so that I don't keep borrowing the same ones over and over. However, I don't think most cookbooks should count as a book I read. Some are full of anecdotes and such, but most of them are just recipes.

CURRENTLY READING:  Nothing but textbooks :-(. However, my semester ends in a month and I will get a two-week break -- possibly longer if I can't secure tuition for next semester.

UP NEXT: On my bedside table I have Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food, but I'm not really in the mood for it. I have a taste for something vintage, so I may pick up The Best of Everything which has been on my TBR list for about three years.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

How much we sacrifice for our children! When did it get to the point where we, the parents, get the hand-me-downs?! :-)

Vasilly said...

My daughter is a reluctant reader too. She loves reading cookbooks on my Nook but prefers to read her comic books in print. I have no idea why.

I know what you mean about school. With so many tests coming up, I don't have much time to read. I'm counting down until the end of the semester and those two weeks of break!

Have a good week.

Dani S said...

Vasilly, we don't buy manga for our daughter and our library doesn't have much in their catalog. If she didn't read it online, she wouldn't get to read it at all.

As far as school, I'm taking my classes online so it feels like my entire class is reading. Each assignment takes a week of reading and studying and then I take the test on Sunday. Monday I start all over again. No time to fit any novels in there!

Harvee Lau said...

I haven't heard of The Best of Everythig, but it seems that lots gave it praise. Must keep it in mind!

Dani S said...

Harvee, "The Best of Everything" is a novel from the 1950s that was turned into a movie with Joan Crawford. Every once in a while I am in the mood to read books from that era. On a superficial note, I also like the cover of the edition I borrowed from the library :-).