03 January 2012

Gearing Up For 2012

Happy New Year, dear readers! You may have noticed that I made a few changes to my sidebar on the right. The biggest change is the addition of the Goodreads Update widget. Even when I don't write posts for this blog, I am reading and I keep track of my books there.

Speaking of blog posts, one of my resolutions (yes, I said resolutions) is to write for this blog at least once a week. As I said in a previous entry, most of these posts will be more about how the book I read affected me rather than proper book reviews. I'm renewing my effort to stop being so rigid when it comes to writing; I edit so much in my head that words never make it to the page. This year, I'm going for more of a paint splatter approach -- throw my thoughts out there and let you guys tell me what you think of them.

To start the year off with a push, I joined the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge. It doesn't have a special theme or anything; you simply type in how many books you plan to read this year. What I like about doing it on Goodreads is that since I already have my other lists there, they keep track of my progress for me. I'm not much for coming up with my own spreadsheet the way other bloggers do. Why bother when Goodreads has done all the work for me? Anyway, I managed to read 38 out of 50 last year, so I think I have a good chance to meet the goal this year -- especially if I can mange to break my darn Facebook game habit!

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