26 June 2011

Sunday Salon: Need Sarah Vowell & Mary Roach Recommendations

In the two months since I last posted to the Sunday Salon, I have been listening to book podcasts a lot. Whenever they get around to talking about nonfiction, two authors that keep coming up are Sarah Vowell and Mary Roach. Vowell writes about American history and Roach's books are about science. These are both subjects that I enjoy, but they can be dry depending on the writer. From all accounts, Vowell and Roach have light and amusing approaches to the subject matter and I think I would enjoy their books. However, I'd like to start with what most people consider their best books since I probably won't read more than one from each author.

QUESTION: What is your favorite Sarah Vowell or Mary Roach book?

CURRENTLY READING: The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale is what I plucked off the library stack this morning. I loved her other novel for adults, Austenland, and so far this one has the same sense of humor. The story has a chick lit flavor but so far it is not as predictable as some books in that genre.

UPCOMING: Summer is upon us, so I'm hoping that I will make a dent in my goal to read 50 books this year. I'm also going to do another culling of my TBR list to narrow it down to books that still appeal to me. At 221 titles, it has become a meaningless jumble of words instead an enticing list of books begging to be read. With the pull of video games and TV, I need my TBR list to scream at me!


Ondrej from Legends of Dune said...

Packing the Mars by Roach is a pretty decent book.

Kristen said...

I just bought Unfamiliar Fishes by Vowell but I haven't read it yet. I did enjoy Assassination Vacation from her rather a lot. I have read Stiff by Roach and once I got past some of the graphic yuckies, it was a good read. Have others of hers but have yet to read them. So no definitive "best book" recommendations from me I guess!