11 April 2011

Linda Holmes Shows Love for Libraries

One of my favorite pop-culture podcasts is Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR. There is a corresponding blog called Monkey See and one of the writers, Linda Holmes, posted a piece today about rediscovering the public library. When she was on Twitter last week talking about how she was amazed that the library let her walk out with all that cool stuff for free, I thought she was just trying to be funny. Apparently Ms. Holmes truly wasn't aware of the variety to be found in today's libraries.

I have to admit that I understand her surprise. Even though I've been a consistent library user for many years, I pretty much checked out older books. I was highly surprised the day that I went looking for a book and found a new section housing graphic novels. When I started following book blogs and looking at bestsellers' lists, I didn't expect to find any of those new books at my library but they are getting a lot of them in. If there is one message I would like to get out about libraries, it would be that being a regular library patron does not mean you have to sacrifice reading the popular or trendy books.You may have to wait a little longer, but that gives you a chance to read something else in the meantime!

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