13 April 2011

Books on Wheels!

Today is National Bookmobile Day. I have a soft spot in my heart for bookmobiles. When I was kid growing up in NY, we moved around a lot. I didn't know the location of the local library branch in each of the neighborhoods we lived in, but there was always a visit from the bookmobile. In my mind, RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and bookmobiles go hand in hand. Those two things impressed the importance of reading on me at an early age. I sorely missed the bookmobile visits when we moved to NC and lived way out in the country, far from the library or anything else.

Our library system covers two counties and it has a bookmobile, but it doesn't cover my county. Even though our local library branch is across the street from my kids' middle school, I still wish they had the chance to experience the bookmobile. There is something magical about getting on a bus and seeing all the seats replaced by shelves of books!

How many of you still have bookmobiles in your neighborhood? Do you make use of yours?

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