28 March 2011

"A Heart for Home" by Lauraine Snelling

A Heart for Home (Home to Blessing, #3)A Heart for Home by Lauraine Snelling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Genre: Christian, prairie romance
On my TBR list?: yes, since March 2011

Book 3 of 3 in the Home to Blessing series, 16th book set in the universe

Summary, from Goodreads:

Astrid Bjorklund is on the Red Bud Indian Reservation in South Dakota trying to stop the horrific epidemic that is ravaging the tribe. The elders are suspicious of her, but when they see some of their people beginning to recover, they allow Astrid to continue caring for the sick and to train others to help. She is overwhelmed by this need so close to home and wonders if this is the mission field God has planned for her.

Joshua Landsverk wants to repair his broken relationship with Astrid, but he is opposed to her present work and refuses to tell her why. When he encounters unexpected adversity, a surprising act of kindness brings healing to the grievous wrong inflicted years ago. Will it be enough to bring Joshua and Astrid together again?

If you've read all the other books in the series, then reading this one is like visiting your hometown and catching up on all the news. Snelling manages to work in most of the characters that fans met in previous books without it feeling like an obligatory roll call. There was nothing shocking in the plot, but it was comforting to spend some time in that city again.

A Heart for Home is the 16th book about the good people of Blessing, ND, and possibly the last. If so, I think that Lauraine Snelling ended on a good note. She left room for more characters to be added to this universe and more stories to be told, but the stories of all the existing characters are at a good stopping point. I don't have the desire to go read another prairie romance as a replacement for the fact that there are no more Blessing books, which is an indication that she did a good job wrapping things up.

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