13 February 2011

Sunday Salon: My Daughter's First Library Card

I let my daughter C1 get her first library card last week. Considering that she is 14, you may be wondering what took me so long! For the most part, ABM and I are laid-back parents who don't do a lot of hovering over our kids. I don't have much desire to be an authority figure, but the little I do have pops out in strange ways. Knowing when the kids are old enough for various types of responsibility has been a difficult part of parenting for me, and that extends to library books.

My eldest daughter M got a library card when she was 11 because of the advanced program she was in at school. She lost it before she ever got a chance to use it. After that, I wasn't in a rush to get the other kids their own cards. Our current system of having the kids tell me the books they want and me requesting them online has been working fine. Now, however, C1 has more opportunities to go to the local library branch without me and she wants to be able to check out her own books and do her homework on the library computers instead of competing for time with her siblings. She presented a good argument, so I caved :-). C1 was so excited to get her own card that you would think it was a driver's license. For me it feels like I've given her almost as much freedom as a driver's license would provide. It seems that I am rapidly approaching the day when my kids won't be taking my reading suggestions any longer.

CURRENTLY READING: Since my last post, I've started reading both Life: Keith Richards and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother with little progress. I picked both of these books because they have been widely discussed recently, and I thought I would zip right through them. Apparently, being a hot topic of conversation doesn't make a book any easier for me to read. For the Amy Chua book, I think I may switch to the audio book version so I can finish it while making progress on my other goal for this year -- doing more needlework.

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