19 September 2010

Sunday Salon: Clearing out TBR 2008

Through reading some books and removing others from the list, I have pared down my TBR titles from 2008 to four. Yippee! Of course, I'm prepared for this number to go back up if my library acquires some of the books that have been sitting on my "not at my library" list for a while. Picking certain categories of books to read through seems to be the most entertaining way for me to rotate fresh titles onto my TBR list. It keeps reading and updating this blog from feeling like a chore.

READ: I read More Than a Dream, which is the final book in Lauraine Snelling's trilogy-within-a-series called Return to Red River. With such a long ongoing series, I don't bother to reviewing anything after the first book. The first book gives you the tone of the entire series. Who would a review of the ninth book appeal to? If you are already that far into the series, you will probably read the book no matter what I say. If my review of the first book didn't convince you to read the series, then you probably don't care about a review of the ninth book.

Having said all that, I would probably pull the Return to Red River trilogy out of the larger series and hand it to a fan of stories set in the 1800s. Snelling makes enough references to the major events of the previous six books to keep a reader from feeling lost. As a bonus for the diet-conscious, you only get half as many long passages about cooking!

CURRENTLY READING: I often like to read similar books back to back, so I picked up another book in the series, Sophie's Dilemma. I was looking forward to getting to this part of the series because it is the first book where I don't have an inkling of what is going to happen. Snelling has divided her stories about Blessing, ND into different groups and names them as if they are different series. I didn't know this, so the first book I read was actually the 10th book she had written about these characters. I thought I would have no problem going back and reading the other nine, but I ended up knowing every couple that was going to end up together and how many kids they were going to have. It will be nice to follow these familiar characters into new territory.

UPCOMING: I've been thinking that I want to pick a genre and read all of the books in that genre that I have on my list. Another thought is that I would like to add more doctor or hospital stories to my list. I enjoyed the Sue Barton nurse books, and the Return to Red River books had a lot of medical drama, as well. Any suggestions would be welcome!

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