20 September 2010

"Cook This, Not That!" by David Zinczenko

Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival GuideCook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guide by David Zinczenko

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: cookbook, nutrition

The basic premise of the Eat This, Not That! books is not to persuade you to exchange burgers for wheatgrass smoothies. Since the original demographic was the readers of Mens' Health magazine (thirty-something men with disposable income and not a lot of time who may be developing a budding pot belly), the authors assume that you are going to go to eat convenience foods. They use the books to show you how to do the least damage to your health and your waistline in the process.

Cook This, Not That! takes the premise a step further. Assuming that you have read the other books or the feature in the magazine and have become accustomed to making healthier choices, Zinczenko and his collaborators invite the reader to try cooking his own burger rather than going for the fast-food variety. They assert that by making your own food with basic natural ingredients instead of relying on processed foods and eating it in normal portions, you can stabilize your weight without resorting to fat-free anything.

Unlike many other books that focus on nutrition, I actually enjoyed reading this book. It is written in the same slightly irreverent style as Mens' Health. With its dynamic layout and easy-to-swallow tidbits of information, this and all the other books in the Eat This, Not That series entice even my children to pick them up and read about healthy eating.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this book on my usual strolls through the bookstore. My dad is diabetic and he will be coming across the country to stay with me for a week. My diet absolutely will not work for him. Since I'll be cooking everyday, I should probably grab this book!