09 August 2010

Ran Out of Reading on Holiday!

As I type this, I am enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the deck of the Carnival Fantasy. We are docked in Nassau, Bahamas and I have a wonderful view of the colorful buildings of the straw market on my right and the beaches on my left. An episode of Bachelor Pad Radio is playing on my Zune, a cup of coffee is in my hand, and there is food that I didn’t have to cook about 10 steps away should I get hungry. As they say, this is the life!

Some of you may wonder why I even have my computer open on such a day, but this is all I wanted to do on this trip. I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot of running around like we usually do. Although I told my coworkers that I don’t take vacation days unless I have something specific to do, I found that once I got on the ship all I really wanted to do was sleep, read, and stare out at the ocean. Since I finished my book yesterday, I thought I would take advantage of the lack of distractions to get some writing done.

Yes, my book-loving friends, I only packed one book. It was a thick book (The Little Lady Agency – my review will be posted soon) and I truly thought I would be doing too much running around to finish it. Instead, I managed to work my way through most of the book during our first sea day and finished it off while my husband and kids were ashore in Freeport. I have several hidden-object games on my laptop and a few audiobooks at my disposal, but I’m really in the mood to read another book. Next year, I will pay attention to all of you and pack more than one novel!

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