13 August 2010

Guess I Won't Be Reading for a While

I asked my husband ABM to do the library run yesterday. C1 in particular is going nuts for something new to read, what with the heat wave making it too miserable to play outside. Anyway, ABM called me at work to tell me that a CD language set we had checked out was missing its booklet. The library says we can't check out any more books until we bring the booklet back or pay $50. The kids don't remember there being a booklet with the set, but they scoured the house looking for it, to no avail. I usually examine sets as soon as I check them out to make sure that all the pieces are there because I don't want to get blamed for damage caused by another patron. Unfortunately, I didn't do that this time so I don't know if the booklet was with the set when I picked it up.

What all this means is that I probably won't be doing any reading for a while. As most readers of this blog know, I get 99.9% of my books from the library. If I had to buy all the books I read, I would only read one book every few months. I doubt that we will be able to convince the library that we never had the booklet, so we are stuck with the fine. ABM will probably pay the $50, but he will do it grudgingly and several months down the line when the kids need to check out a book for a school project. I wouldn't want him to pay it too soon, anyway; it is much easier to return a book and get the library to take the $50 off our account than it is to get them to refund the money once it has been paid. So I guess I better get comfortable with reading classics from sites like Project Gutenberg :-).

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