24 March 2010

Layoffs in local library system sadden me

Today, the Mecklenburg County Library Board of Trustees voted to lay off 84 people and cut salaries in order to avoid more serious cuts. I don't live in Mecklenburg County but I feel their pain. Several years ago, we had a similar budget shortfall here in Gaston County and library operating hours at all the branches were shortened. I still miss being able to go get books on a Sunday. If our library hadn't implemented the online reserve system, it would be difficult for a daytime worker like me to get books at all. Being able to pick out my books online is a big help because then they are waiting for me in a stack when I slide into my local branch right before closing. Still, it isn't the same as browsing the stacks like I did when I was a kid. Now a whole new group of people is going to be deprived of that pleasure.

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