24 January 2010

Sunday Salon: Waiting for New Specs

I haven't done much reading since my last Sunday Salon post, other than some short stories in e-book form. Two weeks' ago I had my eyes examined and learned that I need bifocals. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't pay for one-hour vision centers like WalMart or Vision Works, so I am still waiting to get my glasses from the little independent shop in town. This will be my first new pair of glasses in almost 10 years. Getting a glimpse in the office of what it will be like to see clearly has taken away my desire to struggle through the small print of the books on my bedside table. Since I can increase the font size on my computer I will be sticking with blogs and such until my new specs come in.

CURRENTLY READING: Definitely Dead, the next book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. My library has it available for download, so I won't miss a beat in devouring the series whilst I wait for my glasses.


JoAnn said...

The bifocals will make a big difference in your reading! I was getting in such a slump a few years ago. Finally got my eyes examined, got bifocals, and it wasn't such a struggle to read anymore! Good luck.

readerbuzz said...

Don't these insurance companies realize that seeing is breathing to us readers!

Good luck with your new specs!