10 January 2010

Sunday Salon: Birthday Reading

Yes, today is my birthday and I am spending it reading. I didn't read as much as I expected over the holidays, so now I have a stack of books that may go back to the library unread if I don't get on the ball. Luckily, several of them are light novels or knitting books that I can just flip through.

CURRENTLY READING: "Dead as a Doornail" by Charlaine Harris. I want to watch the TV show based on it (True Blood) but I don't want to run the risk of spoiling the later books. It is hard to resist the show, though, when I keep hearing so many good things about it. So I am trying to zip through this series as quickly as possible.

TBR List: My goal for 2010 isn't so much about reducing the number of titles as it is clearing out the old ones. As I said in my 2009 round-up, I have 24 books that have been on my list since 2008. I want to either read them or eliminate them by the end of 2010. I think that should be manageable.

Other than that, I will go back to adding books to my list with abandon. I had stopped for a while, but I don't see any sense in that now. Since none of these books are actually in my house, I think seeing how high my "total of books read" can get is more impressive than how low the total on my TBR list is.


Bella said...

Happy Birthday. That's a fabulous book to read on your birthday :)

Eva said...

Happy birthday! :) My TBR list (so not books I physically own) is miles long, I'm sure. I look at it more as a pool than a list, though, so it doesn't get overwhelming.

Amanda said...

What a perfect way to spend a birthday!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Spending the day reading sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. My birthday is a little over a week away and I think I may copy your wonderful idea!
I have an extremely long tbr list. I don't know that I'll ever read all of these books, especially given that I will continue to add more. I look at ,y tbr list as a list of books I would like to read culled from all of the available books in the "world". If I'm going to read - which I am - and as there is only so much time in the day I want to be sure I read or at least try to read books that I think are worthwhile. My tbr is that list for me =o)

Dani in NC said...

Amy, you have a good outlook on the TBR list. There are so many books in the world, and a TBR list gives me something to turn to when I'm in the mood to read SOMETHING but I don't have a particular book in mind. That attitude only works, I think, if your TBR list is just titles on paper (or online, in my case). There are some bloggers that have 100+ unread books in their houses. I would feel a lot more pressure if everything on my TBR list was actually on my shelves!