20 December 2009

Sunday Salon: Sidelined by Injury

If you aren't a reader of my other blog, then you may not know that I broke my foot. I wish I could say that it happened while I was doing something exciting like snowboarding, but I was just walking down the hall at work when my ankle turned. This has happened to me before and I've always recovered quickly, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I actually broke something!

Anyway, I have to stay off my feet for a while, which means good news for my blog readers. I didn't do much reading this weekend because I took that time to clear off my DVR. There won't be any new episodes of my favorite shows over the holidays and I've got a stack of library books waiting for my attention. So don't be surprised if you see a flurry of activity on this blog over the next week or so.

With Christmas falling on Friday and my current employer's generous holiday policy, I have five days off for the holiday this year. My family doesn't participate in a lot of Christmas activities, so that translates into about 4.5 days of boredom. Grown-ups don't get toys under the tree to keep them occupied, and the kids don't always share with me :-). That's why I make sure to do a library run before Christmas Eve. Sitting at home without entertainment is a guaranteed path to Christmas sadness for me.

QUESTION: Do you line up books to read for the holidays?


Frances said...

Good luck with that healing process. Just take it easy. I know from experience that an injury like that can be with you for a long time if you do not allow it to heal properly.

I have lots of books lined up for the holidays too! Great Expectations, The Geurmantes Way, and the new A.S. Byatt to name a few. Happy reading!

Dani in NC said...

Thanks, Frances. I'm trying to take it easy, but it is difficult after a few days for the family to remember that I am STILL supposed to be staying off of my feet. After all, I don't look sick or anything :-).

Literary Feline said...

I'm sorry about your broken foot, Dani. I'm always twisting my ankles that way. :-(

I'm taking a week off after Christmas this year and hope to get some reading done, although I have no specific books lined up. There's a lot I need to get done around the house too (and now that my back is feeling better, I don't have any excuse not to).

I hope you have a great week!

Bella said...

Hope your ankle heals quickly and you feel better soon.

Oh yeah I definitely line up books in the holidays. I actually do it all year round, but I'm hoping to read a lot over the holidays, as my husband is working from Dec 26 - Jan 5, so I figure I should have plenty of reading time :)

Florinda said...

I'll have the luxury of lining up books to read over the holidays for the first time in a few years - I'll be off from work from 12/24 till 1/3, and since I won't have a full house for the entire time, I hope to do some reading AND some blogging. Clearing out our DVR, and reruns for the next few weeks, will certainly help too :-).

Hope your foot heals well and quickly, and Happy Holidays!

Beth F said...

Oh no on foot! Yikes!!!

I don't have anything in particular lined up, but I plan to read a lot between Christmas and New Years.