23 December 2009

Novel Teas

Novel Teas
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Let me start with the disclaimer: I got an email from Bag Ladies Tea asking me if I, as the author of the Average Girl Reads blog, would like a sample of their new tea aimed at book lovers. I gave up on making my blogs a paying proposition a long time ago, but I do like a good cup of tea so I said yes. They didn't explicitly ask me to review the tea, but we all know the score :-).

Novel Teas is an English Breakfast tea from Bag Ladies Tea. I like tea but I am not a connoisseur, so I can't comment authoritatively on the quality. All I can say is that it was fresh enough for me to be able to tell that it was English Breakfast and not oolong or some other blend.

What sets the teas from Bag Ladies Teas apart is the packaging. With Novel Teas, each tea bag is tagged with a different literary quote. Some are funny and some are serious. I haven't looked at all the bags in my 25-bag box, but so far I've gotten quotes by Dr. Seuss and J. W. Eagan. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the quotes as I brew my daily cuppa.

If you are putting together a gift basket for your mom or someone in your book club, you should take a look at Novel Teas. They come in two sizes, a 25-bag box and a 5-bag mini box. The small size would fit perfectly into a new mug and make a great gift for a coworker.

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