25 January 2009

Sunday Salon: Will there be reading today?

My head is swimming and aching and the same time. I'm feeling better than I was this morning, but I don't know if I will be devoting my day to reading. Last week, I managed to get a good bit of reading done, all of it rather light. I finished four books:

The Plain Janes (graphic novel)
Leave a Candle Burning (audiobook; end of the Tucker Mills trilogy)
As Time Goes By (2nd book of the Californians series)
Sean Donovan (3rd book of the Californians series)

My Sunday Salon posts must be getting boring because I am still on that Lori Wick jag! Well, I've almost finished reading all of her pioneer books, so I will be moving on to other books soon. Trust me, I have 105 books on my TBR list and not all of them are Christian romances :-).

COMING UP THIS WEEK: I have another Lori Wick (of course!), but I also have several graphic novels that I want to read before they have to go back to the library. One of my goals is to post more about my reading during the week, as well.


Carrie said...

I love to hear about graphic novels - and my library actually has Plain Janes!

Hope you feel better soon - I hate it when I feel too sick to read.

Josette said...

I've heard so much about the Plain Janes and am planning to read them. Lately I saw the book at a nearby bookstore and the price is really a bargain! I might buy the book next month or something.