26 January 2009

In Search of Preteen Books with Overweight Heroines

I"m hoping that my readers (do I have any readers?) can help me. I am trying to find books for preteens with overweight heroines. When I did a search, I found a million blogs talking about the Beacon Street Girls series. Unfortunately, my library doesn't carry that series. I also found a picture book for elementary school students and several books for teenagers, but my daughter is only 12. Any other suggestions?


Lisa said...

I'm a reader, but I don't have a clue, sorry!

PeeperLicious said...

A great Canadian new release - Half World by Hiromi Goto. Here is the description. Hope this helps!

Melanie Tamaki is an outsider. The lonely, overweight yet malnourished only child of a loving but neglectful mother is just barely coping with school and with life. But everything changes on the day she returns home to find her mother is missing, lured back to Half World by the vindictive Mr. Glueskin. Soon Melanie begins an epic and darkly fantastical journey to save her parents. What she does not yet realize is that the future of the universe depends upon her success.

Stephanie said...

If A Tree Falls At Lunch Period, by Gennifer Choldenko has a main character, Kirsten, who has gained 30-40 pounds in the past several months and is trying to deal with her parents' constant fighting and her best friend's hanging out with the snobby popular girl. I'm trying to remember Kirsten's exact age- 12, maybe? The book level is 9-12, and it's well written. I reviewed it on my blog. :)