21 December 2008

Sunday Salon: My own personal reading marathon

I have declared today my personal reading marathon day. Since I am such an internet addict, I thought I would want to spend the whole weekend on the computer, but I just want to read books. All last week I did the mommy thing, attending various productions that my kids were involved in. Then I did the soul mate thing and spent some time with my husband. Yesterday, I added the housewife thing and had all the kids help me give the house a once-over. After all of that, it is now my turn to do the Dani thing and dive into that pile of books sitting by my bed.

Why on earth did I choose to get back into reading right before getting a job? Gone are the days of sitting in my chair every day, immersing myself in a book for hours after my wifely duties were completed. This week has been a reminder of why I stopped reading in the first place. I spent all day Thursday watching the clock and counting the minutes until I could get back into my book. It's nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day, but also a little frustrating. Sometimes I think it is easier not to start reading the book at all.

READ THIS WEEK: I'm still on a Lori Wick kick right now. I finished one of her pioneer romances this week and have reserved three more at the library. I don't know why I am so enamored of these Christian romances but they are like comfort food to me at the moment. Perhaps they appeal to the same part of me that loved the TV show "Touched By An Angel".

I also finished An Uncommon Reader this week. I'm hoping that the other Alan Bennett book I checked out will have the same writing style. In my experience with Lori Wick's books, I've seen how a writer's style can change from book to book.

ABANDONED: The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore went back to the library. I guess I wasn't in the mood for mean-spirited humor right now.

NEXT BOOK: There is no dearth of reading material by my bedside this week! One of my fears as a kid was to be out of school for two weeks and have nothing to do. This was in the days before internet and cable TV, so I always checked out as many books as I could before the Christmas break. Even though I don't get nearly that much time for Christmas any more (this year I only have Christmas day off), I still pile up the books.

I'm finishing off Whispers of Moonlight (Lori Wick again!) today and I don't have any other Christian romances on hand. Should I head for the YA books or the cookbooks next? Of course, I could always go for The Year of Living Biblically since this is Sunday. The cookbooks, Square Meals and American Gourmet, seem like a waste of time now that I have less time to fool around in the kitchen. Still, I do plan to cook real meals for my family on the weekends so maybe I should flip through them. Decisions, decisions!


Shannon said...

I didn't care for The Stupidest Angel either. Good call.

naida said...

Enjoy your reading!

JM said...

I think I will have to take your lead and do a personal reading marathon of my own. I just received four books in the mail and I have a pile of others I want to read. :)

JM @ http://www.thebookstacks.com