12 December 2007

About that strike . . .

When I wrote my hiatus post, I didn't really think that the WGA TV writers would go on strike. But strike they did, the very next day. Still, I didn't feel the effects of the strike until yesterday. My TiVo was almost empty and there was NOTHING to watch on TV. Even if the strike ends tomorrow, there won't be new episodes of my favorite shows for at least a month. That's when the vague stirrings to read a book started to kick in. Add to that the fact that my job is SO boring, and I think I am ready to give novels another try.

So what's on my bedside table? Well, I checked out a couple novels from the library this week. The first is The Kite Runner. This one is required reading for my oldest daughter. I know it is a popular book that spent a lot of time on the NY Times' bestsellers list, but the first few pages felt too melancholy for me. I'm sure it is a worthwhile read, but my real life is serious enough. These days, I am looking for light and fluffy.

The other novel on my nightstand is The Time Traveler's Wife. Every time this book is mentioned in forums and such, people rave about it. I haven't even read the blurb on the inside cover so I have no idea what it is about, but I'm hoping I will enjoy it.

If there is anyone out there still reading this feed, do you have any reading suggestions? As I said, I'm not looking for anything heavy right now. I want the literary equivalent of "Grey's Anatomy" :-). Let me know what you are reading to get you through the TV drought!


Thomas said...

Dresden Files.

Kemma said...

Hey yeah, I've read some of the Dresden Files books, and they're great fluff-esque things.
(psst. I found you through Ravelry!)