01 May 2017

Goodreads Mystery & Thriller Week

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This is Mystery & Thriller Week over at Goodreads and that gives me a good excuse to break away from my usual Christian historical romances and try something different. I vaguely remember reading Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone books as a teen but I seemed to lose interest in mysteries as I got older. Most of the cozy mysteries I've tried were too predictable and the thrillers were so tense that they stressed me out.  Still, I will be giving the genre another go this week.

On deck for Mystery & Thriller Week: 

Hooked on Murder by Betty Hechtman is one of those craft-themed cozies that usually leave me flat. I have been surrounding myself with yarn lately, though, so I'm hoping that the crochet theme will make it more palatable. Just from the description, it sounds like the author was trying to touch on several of the popular aspects of cozy mysteries. The main character, Molly Pink, is learning a craft, she works in a bookstore, and the book includes a recipe AND a crochet pattern. All that's left is for her to turn out to be a witch!

Hooked on Murder at Amazon
Hooked on Murder at Book Depository

Whiskey Sour by J. A. Konrath is a detective novel that I got for free from Amazon four years ago. Yes, that's right -- this, along with several other books, was downloaded in a frenzy and has been sitting on my iPad for four years. I think I downloaded this one because I thought my husband might be interested in it. Anyway, it has a serial killer in it, which is not usually my thing, but it is also described as being funny and in the vein of the Kinsey Millhone books so I'm going to give it a try.

Whiskey Sour at Amazon
Whiskey Sour at Book Depository

So, are you going to participate in Mystery & Thriller Week? If you would like to but can't think of anything to read, the post on the Goodreads blog has links to several recommendation lists. Feel free to tell me in the comments what you decide to read.

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