01 April 2017

National Poetry Month is Here!

April is National Poetry Month. I think I knew this is the back of my mind somewhere, but it still caught me by surprise this week. As a result, I haven't prepared anything to read for this month. My preference is more modern poetry (when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story by Gwendolyn Brooks, for example) and especially love poetry, so that is what I will be seeking out. Suggestions are welcome.

In addition to reading poetry, I plan to write more poetry this month, as well. It has been almost 10 years since I wrote poetry on a regular basis. One of my goals for 2017 is to write more in general with the vague idea that I might actually attempt a novel this year, but so far my writing has been more of the blogging variety. I'm glad that I've resurrected my blogs but I want to push myself towards writing fiction, so I hope that getting back into the poetry groove will help with that. I know that prose and verse are two different things, but at least I'll be writing, right? If you are interested, I'll be posting my poetry scribblings on my other blog, Straddling The Century Line.

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