15 January 2017

Sunday Salon: Paring down my TBR list and other thoughts

After I posted my thoughts on how to move forward with this blog, I immediately went to Goodreads and started culling titles from my TBR list. I removed 74 titles but that still left me with a total of 383 books to read. Many of the books I removed were YA titles that I really added to my list so I would remember to check them out of the library for my kids. Considering that my kids now range in age from 18 to 23 and three of them no longer live with me, I think I can officially give up my household role of Bringer of the Books :-).

So what do I do next? Well, I think that my goal from two years ago is still valid. I'm going to do my best to stop adding books to my TBR list and stop downloading free books on my iPad, at least until the end of March. I've actually done pretty well on avoiding the free Kindle books. I canceled my subscription to all the free book emails, which helped a lot. I only ended up downloading five books in 2016 and one of them was a book I actually purchased and read right away. The next book I plan to review is another one I downloaded in 2016, so I think I will continue down that road and keep reading from my Kindle collection for the next couple months. I really don't want to go into 2018 looking at the same collection of books on my iPad.

I would also like to work out a new strategy for reading the Overdrive ebooks from my library. The new Overdrive app doesn't work on my old iPad and I won't be buying a new one anytime soon. Many of the ebooks from the library are available in Kindle format as well as Overdrive format, so it isn't an immediate problem. I do prefer using the Overdrive format, however, because it is easier to return books and delete them from within the app. Right now, I can either read the Overdrive ebooks on my iPhone or on my laptop. The iPhone screen is too small and the laptop is not portable due to a bad battery. As an alternative, I may go to my favorite pawn shop to see how much used e-readers are going for these days and if they have one that will work with Overdrive. If I can get one for less than $50, that may solve my issue, at least until Overdrive upgrades again.

LAST WEEK: I read my first book of the year, and it was a romance novel. That's not new, but it was a contemporary romance which is unusual for me. My review of "Truth or Beard" is here.

I also posted my first Gentle Media review, which is where I review a TV show or movie (usually from a streaming service) that some people would call "clean" or "sweet". I'm not talking about moralistic or religious movies; I'm just talking about something with little violence or cursing and usually has a happy ending. If you have ever binged on Hallmark movies, then you know what I'm talking about. My review of "Terrace House" can be found here.

UPCOMING: This week I plan to read and review "Love By The Letter" by Melissa Jagears and "Just Desserts" by Claudia Bishop. Both are books that I already own, so I'll be making a tiny dent in the TBR list.

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