22 January 2017

Sunday Salon, 22 Jan 2017

My reading week has gone more slowly than I had planned. I only read and reviewed one book and it was a short one, "Love by the Letter". It had been a while since I read a Christian historical romance, and this novella started the craving all over again. This desire to stay cradled in the warmth of that subgenre is what has made it difficult for me to switch gears and read the other books on my TBR lists that are contemporary romance or thrillers or anything else. I've got to break free for the sake of my brain. Mental challenge is what prevents senility, right?

The other habit that slowed down my reading is my tendency to fiddle with planning rather than actually doing. In this case, I was fiddling with my blog. Not that the fiddling was useless; this blog has been semi-dormant for over a year and in the meantime, I have learned about tweaks I should make to bring it up to date, such as creating a disclosure policy. So I did a few things that needed to be done, but I didn't have to take as long as I did. I get absorbed in the minutia and lose track time.

UPCOMING: I'm trying to clear my Kindle app and my library wish list by starting with titles that have been on the list the longest and moving up (skipping over how-to non-fiction like cookbooks and craft books). So this week's choices are 31 Kisses by Chautona Havig or Farewell, Dorothy Parker by Ellen Mester. The first choice is a slight cheat because, although contemporary, it is a Christian romance and will probably draw me further into the sweet romance cocoon. The second choice is a comic ghost story about a woman being haunted by the famous Dorothy Parker, and it has the advantage of being an audiobook so I can get some knitting done while I listen. Maybe I should be ambitious and try to fit them both in this week.


dollycas aka Lori said...

I really enjoyed Farewell Dorothy Parker. I loved all the humor.

Have a great week!

thecuecard said...

Hi Dani, I guess I wasn't really aware of the genre Christian historical romance. I thought books were just romance novels. Is there a genre specifically about the Christian faith and romance? It shows how much I know. Hmm. If so I'm clueless about such books.

Dani S said...

@thecuecard Once I got into the genre of romance, I learned that there are several subgenres. The romance is always primary but the surrounding elements may be different. In the subgenre of Christian or inspirational romance, part of the story is usually about how the hero or heroine's faith affects the relationship: does God want me to be with this person, does God want me to marry or pursue my career, how do I remain pure when I'm attracted to this guy, etc. Some inspirational authors go heavy on the Bible quoting, while others just have Christianity as part of the characters' lives but not quite as front and center. One thing that is consistent is that there is NO sex. That is why I like to read them. I'm not saying I don't ever read books with steamy scenes, but when I am reading for stress relief I prefer it to be what the industry calls a "sweet" romance.

thecuecard said...

Okay thanks for explaining & clarifying this for me. Now I can see there are various subgenres and what they mean.