04 February 2015

"Spring for Susannah" by Catherine Richmond

Spring for SusannahSpring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary, from Goodreads:

When her parents die suddenly, and no suitors call, Susannah resigns herself to the only option available: becoming a mail-order bride. Agreeing to marry her pastor's brother, Jesse, Susannah leaves the only home she's ever known for the untamed frontier of the Dakota Territory.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a cut above many Christian romances I have read, as far as the depth of the main characters. Although there was one major incident that precipitated Susannah's move to the Dakota Territory, the story is really about her overcoming her shyness and two strangers getting to know each other.

The author did a great job of showing the passage of time so the reader can believe how the couple fell in love. In some books the courtship seems to be rushed which makes the happy ending less believable, especially if the plot involves a mail-order bride. I want to feel like the couple have gone through several events, big and small, that draw them together.

This book moved me enough that I was disappointed to find that Catherine Richmond has only written one other stand-alone book. If there ever was a book that I wished was part of a series, it's this one. I wanted to spend more time with the main couple and the other characters in the small community. I definitely want to get my hands on a copy of Richmond's other book, and I hope she writes more soon.

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