22 January 2015

"Dakota Dawn" by Lauraine Snelling

Dakota Dawn (Dakota Series)Dakota Dawn by Lauraine Snelling
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Summary from Goodreads:

Nora Johnson is looking forward to starting a new life in North Dakota, far from her native Norway. She is going to marry Hans and be a prosperous farmer's wife. Carl Detschman is happy with life on his tidy farm. Now he and his wife, Anna, eagerly await the birth of their second child. But Nora's and Carl's dreams are not to be. With God's help, a prodigious plan is realized, one that will alter their lives forever.

I read Lauraine Snelling's later series about five years ago. It was her series set in the fictional town of Blessing, ND, that made me fall in love with historical novels that have Norwegian characters. After reading this book, I feel like it is "Snelling Lite". It isn't bad, but the story isn't quite as developed as her more recent books. After reading this book I discovered it was written for Heartsong, a now-defunct imprint that was similar to Harlequin. Once I learned that, the shortness of the book and the abrupt ending made more sense; all the Harlequin books I've read were short and super-light. Still, it would be a good book to start with if you've never read any of Snelling's books and wanted to get a quick taste of her style.

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