02 June 2013

Sunday Salon: Thoughts on Google Reader; Too Many Ebooks?

Although some people in the tech media like to say that blogs are gone, I am still a great fan of them and I am always running across new ones in my internet travels. Today my search for headband patterns led me to a blog about crocheting, and after looking at a few posts I wanted to bookmark it to read later. This is where I stumbled to a halt. Normally I would add it to my Google Reader and move on. With Google Reader shutting down in July, however, I need to find another way to keep track of my blogs.

There are many potential Google Reader replacements out there, but that makes it worse. I can be a tad indecisive, and when presented with so many options I tend to freeze and not pick anything. It was easier when I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader because there weren't any other prominent choices out there. I've managed to narrow my choices down to three: Flipboard, Feedly, and Google Currents. They are all free, which was a must. Flipboard is very pretty, but I always have the feeling that I am missing something because it mixes all the feeds together to make a magazine-like format. Google Currents seems like an obvious successor to Google Reader since they are from the same company, but Currents it is only for tablets and smartphones. I like having the option to read on the desktop, as well. Feedly is closer to Google Reader but it doesn't look as pretty on my iPad screen as the other two. I should just pick one and use it for an extended period.

QUESTION:  Have you settled on an alternative to Google Reader yet?


There was a thread on Goodreads about how many unread books you have on your Kindle, Nook, or other ereader. Since I tend to only download free ebooks from Amazon or borrow them from the library, my collection is not that vast. Not counting cookbooks or how-to books, I have 24 unread ebooks on my iPad. That is pretty close to my limit. I don't have a specific number in mind for how many is too many, but I start to feel piggish if there are a lot of books on my tablet. The only exception to this is when I am about to go on vacation. We usually spend a week without internet or TV, so I like to have a lot of reading on hand for travel time and downtime. I made it through a book and a half in the van before we even got to our destination last year!


Bryan G. said...

I've been using Feedly, but BlogLovin' finally has an Android (and iPhone) app. About to go give that another try.

Allyson said...

I've moved to theoldreader.com, but I'm not happy with it. Way too much lag all the time.