15 March 2013

Will I miss Google Reader? Probably not

The news that Google Reader shutting down in July came as something of a relief to me. I know that this isn't the normal response. There are many people who still use Google Reader on a daily basis to keep up with the various blogs that they follow. I was one of those people once but now I don't think I will miss it.

I migrated over to Google Reader from another RSS reader (Bloglines?) over five years ago. This was before I became an avid user of Twitter and Facebook. Reading blogs over coffee was part of my morning routine, and I felt like I was staying informed. However, it was too easy for me to add more and more RSS feeds to follow. Pretty soon, looking at my account did nothing but induce guilt because it was filled with blog posts and articles that I didn't have time to read. Of course, I could pare the list down and made it more manageable, but that is difficult for a digital hoarder like me. I always think the bloggers will notice that I have unsubscribed from their feeds and their feelings will be hurt. Silly, huh?

Anyway, the shutting down of Google Reader will be a relief because it takes the choice away from me. I can declare feed bankruptcy and not feel guilty about it. I downloaded the Flipboard app for my iPad and so far it seems like a quicker way for me to skim the headlines. Hopefully I will resist the urge to load it up with too many feeds.

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