26 July 2012

Webcomics: Questionable Content


My first webcomic post is about Questionable Content. It is by far my favorite of all of the other ones that I have found. It is one of the longest-running webcomics I've seen.  This is the comic I check most often and the one I keep coming back to when I need something to read.

Now for the details:

Author: Jeph Jacques
Updates: Monday-Friday
Length: 2000+ pages


This comic is about a group of friends trying to figure themselves out while trying to help each other.  The main character, Martin Reed, is a college graduate that isn't sure of what to do next in his life.  Pintsize is his little robot friend who Jacques himself describes as "dangerously obsessed with butts".  Their other friends are Steve, Martin's friend from college; Faye, a very snarky indie girl that works at Coffee of Doom; Dora, the "post-goth" owner of Coffee of Doom; Hannalore (Hanners), an extremely neurotic, obssesive-compulsive girl trying to break out of her shell; Marigold, a serious otaku with some self-esteem issues; and various other  characters that appear throughout the story.

I really like this comic because it's rather funny and it's easy to grow to like the characters.  There are quite a few indie jokes in this comic, some of which I don't quite understand, but there are also other types of jokes which are more mainstream.  As the title suggests, there are some adult themes and swearing, but I am caught up as of today and there has been no nudity so far. Another one of my favorite things about this comic is that because it has been going on for about nine years, you really get to see Jacques' art style develop and improve and it's amazing how different his first comic is from his most recent one.

The only thing I don't really like is that he puts the guest pages in with the actual comic instead of putting them into a separate section.  I don't have a problem with guest strips. I just don't like going to the site ready to read the next page just to find that it's something that has nothing to do with the story at all.

Finally, a summary of the pros and cons --


  • See the art style develop
  • a lot of pages already out
  • author updates regularly
  • guest strips not put in a separate section
  • may not understand all the indie jokes
Overall I would definitely recommend this webcomic!

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