19 February 2012

Sunday Salon: A New Mystery Series; Reading with my Teens

Last week, I read Her Royal Spyness, the first book of a mystery series. The book is set in 1932 and our heroine is Georgiana, a penniless cousin of England's King George V who moves to London to live as an ordinary 21-year-old woman and gets mixed up in a murder plot. Although the Great Depression is a backdrop, it is still light and amusing. It written by a modern author so it isn't filled with quips the way a movie filmed in that era would be, but it was just the thing I needed with all the heaviness that has been surrounding my family lately after the death of my husband's mother.

QUESTION:  Do you have a certain type of book that you read to lift your mood?  Or do you avoid reading altogether in times of crisis?


My twin daughters started high school last fall, which means they are finally starting to read some of the authors assigned when I was in school. This year, their English teacher is focusing on Edgar Allen Poe. I am tempted to read along with them. They are already asking me questions, trying to understand the stories they are reading. It has been years since I've read Poe, so I would have to reread them to be able to help my girls. Funnily enough, the first selection in the Soho Press read-along that starts next month is "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". It seems the fates want me to read some Poe!

QUESTION:  Do you do read-alongs with your children?

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Amy said...

My moods definitely affect my reading choices, but in times of crises, I find I don't have the concentration to read. And as far as reading along with your children, DO IT! It was one of the things I enjoyed most about my son's middle and high school years.