09 January 2011

Sunday Salon: Based on a True Story

My first Sunday Salon for 2011! Woo-hoo! Yeah, it's not the exciting, but at least I'm getting back in the routine of writing.

In case you couldn't tell from the cryptic title of this post, I'm finding myself attracted to memoirs and biographies lately. Usually, I avoid that genre because it brings out the melancholy in me. It may sound crazy, but my heart aches when I read about the abuse an artist has suffered or the bad choices she made. It makes me especially sad when I read the biography of a singer or actor who died tragically. I've been known to throw a book down when I get to the part where the singer takes that fatal drink or leaves the party with the wrong person.

So, even though I often have a bad reaction to true stories, there have been a few books in the public eye over the past few months that I am tempted to pick up. "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, "Life" by Keith Richards, and "Decoded" by Jay-Z are among the books I'm considering. Since all these people are still alive, perhaps I can avoid the blue mood that life stories usually put me in.

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