18 July 2010

Sunday Salon: Time to Trim the TBR List

Last week, I spent a lot of time in bed as my body betrayed me. By Saturday, I was determined to force myself to do something constructive, no matter how I felt. Yeah, right. I only managed to get my bedding changed and my cluttered bedside table/bookshelf cleared before I had to return to my bed, where I turned my energy to some virtual clean-up. I tightened up my Google Reader subscriptions, did some reading, and wrote a few book reviews. Next up: my TBR list!

As many of us know, there are books that you add to the TBR list under the influence of the buzz that comes from a great book review only to wonder months later why you wanted to read them. Removing books from the list feels like cheating, but having them sit there is slowing down my progress. I like to do things in order, and part of me feels like I should finish reading those books at the beginning of the list before I read the rest. However, I give myself permission a couple times a year to be ruthless and delete titles from the list left and right. Today, 220 titles. Tomorrow, who knows?

REVIEWS: I have reviews of Eighth Grade Bites and Calamity Jack coming up later in the week. On Friday, I posted my impressions of How to Knit a Love Song which was written by knit blogger Rachael Herron.

CURRENTLY READING: I jumped straight from romance to crime fiction with A Bad Day for Sorry. This is not my usual genre, but a gal needs to break out every so often :-).

UP NEXT: Remember me saying that I agreed to read Women, Food, and God with some online friends? Well, I finally made it to the head of the library queue and I have it in hand. I have a feeling that I am not going to like it, which will probably make it difficult to slog through but I already agreed. Yikes!


readerbuzz said...

I am brutal. Cut, cut, cut.

And if I acquire a book and I don't like it...gone, baby. It's outta here.

Life is too short for bad books.

Amanda said...

Wow! Great minds think alike. I think a purge is very healthy for the TBR pile, then you get to add a fresh batch of books on and that is always exciting!