30 May 2010

Sunday Salon: Unprepared for the Holiday Weekend

Once again, I am spending a holiday weekend without sufficient reading material. I blame it on my hubby this time. He didn't allocate 20 minutes out of his busy workout schedule to stop by the library and pick up the books I reserved. He runs all the errands for the family, so I am trying to stick to my new practice of "no negative words toward my spouse" and not fuss at him about it.

Saying that I have nothing to do this weekend would be an exaggeration. I could always try that Diabolo manga that M has been trying to push on me. There is also a book of teenage love poetry on hand -- don't know if I could last through that. Of course, this might the perfect time to finish sifting through my list of books that the library said it would have in circulation soon and add them to my TBR list. I also have my "not at my library" list that I would like to check against the library's catalog to see if my library has gotten any of those books yet.

RECENT READS: Since the last time I did a Sunday Salon post, I've made it through a few books --

An Untamed Land (Red River of the North) The Love Dare The Portable Dorothy Parker (Viking Portable Library) Gunnerkrigg Court, Volume 1: Orientation

To be fair, I only made it through 3.5 of these books. The Dorothy Parker book got dropped from my list for the second time. I enjoyed the short stories but was out of my Parker mood by the time I got to the poetry. Perhaps the next time I pick up this book, I'll turn straight to the poetry. The other books will have reviews appearing on this blog soon. If I wait too long to write them, I'll forget what I read!

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