04 April 2010

Sunday Salon: National Poetry Month; True Blood

There once was a site called Poetry Thursday. The site owners gave prompts every week and then others would write poems and share them. Sadly, the owners shut it down in 2007. I only got to participate in it for a few months but I really enjoyed it. Below are a few links to posts I made during that time:

Sundays are for Mary Travers and Meditation
The Transformation
Inspired by Another
Because I Couldn't Resist

Last week, I did a search to see if a similar site had sprung up, and that is when I ran across several reminders that April is National Poetry Month. It must have been all the NPM vibes that made me feel nostalgic for Poetry Thursday! Perhaps I'll check out a few poetry books this month to celebrate.

I finally broke down and started watching the first season of True Blood, the HBO series based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books. So far it has followed the first book enough to feel familiar, yet they've added some subplots that can hold the interest of someone who already read the books. I know that a lot of times readers are disappointed when they finally see the movie or TV show adaptation of a favorite series, but in this instance I have no complaints.

UP NEXT: I mismanaged my library list and ended up with nothing to read this weekend. Also, my husband's new promotion (huzzah!) may shift my library pick-up day to Friday so I may not have anything to read for the rest of the week as we make the adjustment (sob!).

If I do manage to get to the library this week, I will probably be reading romances. Two of the books I've requested are Laced with Magic and A Promise for Ellie. The former is the second book in Barbara Bretton's series about knitting, romance, and magic. The latter is the first book in a Christian fiction series called The Daughters of Blessing. Unless I misunderstood the description, it is set in an Amish community. I hope so, because I have been craving a good "bonnet book"!

TBR List: Three months have passed so I thought I should share an update on the state of my TBR list. Right now it seems to be working as a "to be remembered" list more than a "to be read" list. If I hear an interview on the radio and find out that the interviewee has written a book, I add it to the list. If I am watching CBS Sunday Morning and they speak to an author as part of a segment, I add it to the list. Right now, my TBR total stands at 176 titles. That is a lot, but I fully intend to start weeding out the list soon.

As for my goal to go through the books that have been on the TBR list since 2008, I still have 23 of them on my list (starting total was 25). One of them got moved over from my "not at my library" list, one of them was a book I skimmed but added back to the list to read later, and one of them has been requested from the library. I also have two poetry anthologies that I intend to check out soon since this is National Poetry Month.

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Anil P said...

I liked the straightforwardness in Sundays are for Mary Travers and Meditation, especially the last line - Never ask for more.

There's such a finality to the impression.