24 February 2010

Be vocal about favorite authors

Even though I don't buy a lot of books, I think that today's post on Lisa Shearin's blog has several good suggestions. It is about ways you can support your favorite authors and show publishers that their books are being read. Buying all the books I read doesn't fit into my budget, but I can definitely take some of the other actions that Shearin listed. I already write about the books I read; one of the reasons I started this blog was to bring attention to books other than the Harry Potters and the Twilights. However, I could do a better job of seeking out the authors' web sites and linking to them.

How vocal are you about your favorite authors? I've ceased trying to get non-readers to pick up a novel, but I am trying to be more active in giving recommendations to my friends that are book lovers. In the past, I would just ask them what they are reading and mention a title that I've picked up. Nowadays, I do more evangelizing for certain books and series. I also take a little more time to give my local librarian my impresssions. Librarians are not super-human; they can't read everything. My librarian seems to appreciate hearing what I thought about a certain book; perhaps it helps her know who to recommend it to.


florymonde said...

To tie into your previous comment about using your library's services, I daresay it's helpful to request the books on your library's online service. Surely, if they see that a book has hundreds of requests, they'll at least think about springing for another copy!

Dani in NC said...

I've often wondered if publishers notice if libraries are ordering several copies of a book or just one. I know some of my kids' favorite series, the library only has two copies of each title but those copies are always on hold for somebody!

Kristen said...

Well, I do some but not all of what she suggests. I should probably be better about finding the author's website and linking to it and e-mailing them to encourage them. The few times I've done it, it's felt weird though. Prolly should get over that!