18 September 2009

The Spice of Life Challenge

Michael from A Few Minutes With Michael seems to be paying pretty close attention to my blog. Not only did he give me a Zombie Chicken Award, but he also likes to give me helpful blogging suggestions. As you know, I don't do reading challenges because they usually feel restrictive, no matter how lenient the guidelines are. However, when Michael pointed me toward the Spice of Life Challenge, I couldn't resist! Here is the description from the challenge page:

The goal of the Spice of Life Challenge is to read and/or review books about food and eating our way through a good life. It will run from July 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009 so you can include all those scrumptious summer salads, savory fall soups, and yummy holiday books that get you in the mood for turkey dinner.

Doesn't that sound perfect for me? I would estimate that at least 75% of the non-fiction books I read are about food. If I looked through the books I've read since the official start of the challenge, I could probably count myself done already! I'm coming to the challenge late, though, so I'm only including books I've read since 15 Sep 2009.

I've signed up for the Sampler level, which means reading one book from each of the four categories. There are enough food-related books on my TBR list for me to complet the Feast level, but with my challenge track record I didn't want to be too ambitious. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy a few more food-related book reviews!

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Rebecca Reid said...

I'm so glad you're joining! I love nonfiction about food, so I look forward to seeing whatever you choose to read!