16 September 2009

A Pleasant Reading-Related Surprise

At the beginning of this school year, I decided that the children should renew their effort to keep their Goodreads accounts up to date. Since many of the books they read aren't on the AR list, I wanted another way to keep track of what they are reading and what they are getting out of those books. I told the kids they could either write a little review on Goodreads or on this blog.

Out of all my kids, the one who has taken this edict seriously is C2. She loves updating her profile, adding books to her TBR list, and writing mini-reviews of the books she's read. I still have to work with her on her review-writing, but the fact that she is doing it without complaint is a big deal. C2 is my reluctant reader who rarely meets her AR goals. In the past, she hated writing and didn't want to read for more than 15 minutes at a time. Her twin sister C1 loves to write and is the best reader in the house so I thought she would love doing this. How wrong I was! You should have heard the whining.

I'm hoping that this marks a turning point for C2. With four kids I knew that the odds were good that at least one of them would dislike reading, especially since their dad doesn't read much. I loved reading as a kid, but I wasn't much of a reading role model myself until I started this blog. Perhaps seeing me with a book instead of sitting at the computer all the time has made an impression on C2.

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KyleeJ said...

That is great! My 15yo loves to read, but her pleasure reading really slows down during school. I'm a big believer in 'raising readers'. I read to my 15yo when she was little and now I read (almost) everyday to my 3yo. What is the age range of your kids?